Riak KV Roadmap?

Seema Jethani seema at basho.com
Mon Feb 29 20:25:36 EST 2016

Hi Justin

Riak KV is Basho’s flagship product and our engineering team has continued
to work on it while starting new engineering efforts on Riak TS over the
last several quarters. We are currently working towards Riak KV 2.0.7 and
KV 2.2.0 releases which include improvements to Riak Search, performance
improvements to CRDTs and improvements related to issues found in
production deployments. These releases will be available in the next few
weeks. Going forward, we are committed to continually improving Riak KV,
including integrating many of the performance improvements we made building
Riak TS.


> From: Justin Plock <justin at plock.net>
> Date: Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 2:46 AM
> Subject: Riak KV Roadmap?
> To: <riak-users at lists.basho.com>
> I know Basho's main focus seems to be on the big data platform, but is
> there any sort of roadmap specifically for Riak KV? Development seems to
> have stalled.
> Thanks.
> -Justin
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