distributed basho bench

Kinson Chan 陳傑信 kinsonchan at clustertech.com
Sun Jan 17 23:03:11 EST 2016

Sorry for pumping the thread, but it looks much less trivial than anticipated.  Without a single line of error, the benchmark program (bhead) simply started everything by itself.  I have watched login records of the remote nodes, and there has not been a single login attempt.  Could anyone give me some hints?  Thanks...

[root at iZ94zaby5xkZ basho_bench]# basho_bench -N bhead at -C mycookies -d /root/basho_bench/results /root/basho_bench/basho_cluster.config                                                                                                                                                      
11:58:02.157 [debug] Lager installed handler {lager_file_backend,
                            "/root/basho_bench/results/20160118_115802/console.log"} into lager_event
11:58:02.157 [debug] Lager installed handler {lager_file_backend,
                            "/root/basho_bench/results/20160118_115802/error.log"} into lager_event
11:58:02.157 [debug] Lager installed handler error_logger_lager_h into error_logger
11:58:02.173 [debug] Supervisor gr_param_sup started gr_param:start_link(gr_lager_default_tracer_params) at pid <0.67.0>
11:58:02.173 [debug] Supervisor gr_counter_sup started gr_counter:start_link(gr_lager_default_tracer_counters) at pid <0.68.0>
11:58:02.173 [debug] Supervisor gr_manager_sup started gr_manager:start_link(gr_lager_default_tracer_params_mgr, gr_lager_default_tracer_params, []) at pid <0.69.0>
11:58:02.173 [debug] Supervisor gr_manager_sup started gr_manager:start_link(gr_lager_default_tracer_counters_mgr, gr_lager_default_tracer_counters, [{input,0},{filter,0},{output,0}]) at pid <0.70.0>
11:58:02.309 [info] Application lager started on node 'bhead at'
11:58:02.312 [notice] Changed loglevel of /root/basho_bench/results/20160118_115802/console.log to debug
11:58:02.320 [debug] Supervisor inet_gethost_native_sup started undefined at pid <0.80.0>
11:58:02.320 [debug] Supervisor kernel_safe_sup started inet_gethost_native:start_link() at pid <0.79.0>
11:58:02.642 [debug] Lager installed handler lager_backend_throttle into lager_event
11:58:02.712 [info] No dimension available for key generator: {int_to_bin_bigendian,{uniform_int,200000}}
11:58:02.727 [debug] Supervisor sasl_safe_sup started alarm_handler:start_link() at pid <0.93.0>
11:58:02.728 [debug] Supervisor sasl_safe_sup started overload:start_link() at pid <0.94.0>
11:58:02.732 [debug] Supervisor sasl_sup started supervisor:start_link({local,sasl_safe_sup}, sasl, safe) at pid <0.92.0>
11:58:02.738 [debug] Supervisor sasl_sup started release_handler:start_link() at pid <0.95.0>
11:58:02.738 [info] Application sasl started on node 'bhead at'
11:58:02.745 [debug] Supervisor crypto_sup started crypto_server:start_link() at pid <0.101.0>
11:58:02.746 [info] Application crypto started on node 'bhead at'
11:58:02.746 [debug] Supervisor folsom_sup started folsom_sample_slide_sup:start_link() at pid <0.111.0>
11:58:02.746 [debug] Supervisor folsom_sup started folsom_meter_timer_server:start_link() at pid <0.112.0>
11:58:02.747 [debug] Supervisor folsom_sup started folsom_metrics_histogram_ets:start_link() at pid <0.113.0>
11:58:02.747 [info] Application folsom started on node 'bhead at'
11:58:02.748 [info] Random source: calling crypto:rand_bytes(100663296) (override with the 'value_generator_source_size' config option
11:58:02.748 [debug] Supervisor basho_bench_sup started basho_bench_stats:start_link() at pid <0.106.0>
11:58:05.655 [info] Random source: finished crypto:rand_bytes(100663296)
11:58:05.658 [info] Using target {10,44,90,29}:8087 for worker 1
11:58:05.659 [debug] Supervisor basho_bench_sup started basho_bench_worker:start_link(basho_bench_worker_1, 1) at pid <0.116.0>
11:58:05.660 [info] Using target {10,116,145,71}:8087 for worker 2
11:58:05.660 [info] Using target {10,44,90,29}:8087 for worker 3
11:58:05.661 [info] Using target {10,116,145,71}:8087 for worker 4
11:58:05.661 [debug] Supervisor basho_bench_sup started basho_bench_worker:start_link(basho_bench_worker_2, 2) at pid <0.120.0>
11:58:05.661 [debug] Supervisor basho_bench_sup started basho_bench_worker:start_link(basho_bench_worker_3, 3) at pid <0.123.0>
11:58:05.662 [info] Starting max worker: <0.127.0> on 'bhead at'
11:58:05.662 [info] Starting max worker: <0.124.0> on 'bhead at'
11:58:05.662 [debug] Supervisor basho_bench_sup started basho_bench_worker:start_link(basho_bench_worker_4, 4) at pid <0.126.0>
11:58:05.662 [info] Starting max worker: <0.121.0> on 'bhead at'
11:58:05.663 [info] Starting max worker: <0.118.0> on 'bhead at'
11:58:05.663 [debug] Supervisor kernel_safe_sup started timer:start_link() at pid <0.129.0>
11:58:05.663 [info] Application basho_bench started on node 'bhead at'

In the basho_cluster.config:
{mode, max}.
{duration, 5}.
{concurrent, 4}.
{driver, basho_bench_driver_riakc_pb}.
{key_generator, {int_to_bin_bigendian, {uniform_int, 200000}}}.
{value_generator, {fixed_bin, 1000}}.
{riakc_pb_ips, [{10,44,90,29},{10,116,145,71}]}.
{riakc_pb_replies, 1}.
{operations, [{get, 1}, {update, 1}]}.
%% Use {auto_reconnect, false} to get "old" behavior (prior to April 2013).
%% See deps/riakc/src/riakc_pb_socket.erl for all valid socket options.
{pb_connect_options, [{auto_reconnect, true}]}.
%% Overrides for the PB client's default 60 second timeout, on a
%% per-type-of-operation basis.  All timeout units are specified in
%% milliseconds.  The pb_timeout_general config item provides a
%% default timeout if the read/write/listkeys/mapreduce timeout is not
%% specified.
{pb_timeout_general, 30000}.
{pb_timeout_read, 5000}.
{pb_timeout_write, 5000}.
{pb_timeout_listkeys, 50000}.
%% The general timeout will be used because this specific item is commented:
%% {pb_timeout_mapreduce, 50000}.
%% Remote_nodes must be in the format of [{fqdn, nodename}]
%% basho_bench / distributed Erlang use longnames
{remote_nodes, [{'head.local', 'bb'}, {'head2.local', 'bb'}]}.
{distribute_work, true}.


On 14 Sep, 2015, at 11:23 am, Sargun Dhillon <sargun at sargun.me> wrote:

> So, the way it should work is pretty simple:
> Run the command a la: ./basho_bench -N nodeA at -C basho_bench_cookie <config> 
> (It's key that the IP address be the external IP, and not the internal IP of the box, a la loopback)
> In addition, nodeB must have the same version of Erlang installed as Node A. So, typically, you should install ESL Erlang (my recommendation is R16, https://www.erlang-solutions.com/downloads/download-erlang-otp) on both boxes, and compile your own Basho bench.
> -Thanks,
> Sargun!
> On Thu, Sep 10, 2015 at 9:15 AM, Jens V. Fischer <jensvfischer at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to use basho bench in distributed mode, that is to say to use more than one machine for load generation. The documentation and the "--join" param of the basho_bench seem to indicate that this should be possible. But so far I failed to set it up. Let's say I want to start basho bench on two nodes, lets call them Node A and B. What parameters to basho_bench are needed on A and B respectively? 
> I also saw the previous mail exchange on the topic (How to run bash bench distributed, 18.5.2015). From there I gathered that I need to use something like the following (for Node A):
> Start command:
> ./basho_bench -N nodeA at -C basho_bench_cookie <config>
> Also I need in my config (on Node A):
> {remote_nodes, [{<domain_name_remote_node>, 'nodeB'}]}.
> {distribute_work, true}.
> Do I need to do anything on Node B? Like starting basho_bench with "--join"? What would the command look like? What do I need to put into my config on Node B? In what order do I have to execute the commands on A and B? 
> Additionally, as I am trying to use the distributed setup with a custom driver: Does distributed mode only works with certain drivers, i.e. does the driver need to support it? For what exactly is the passwordless SSH needed? Because I don't have SSH access on the particular cluster, I do however have access over TCP and are, for example, able to setup distributed Erlang between the nodes. Any chance to get basho_bench working in this setup?
> Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm glad to provide more information if needed. 
> Best regards
> Jens
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