Riak Enterprise Upgrade

Pradheep s pradheep86 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 19:09:53 EST 2016


Could anyone answer below queries with regard to upgrade?

I am currently running Riak V1.4.11 enterprise version with multi-data
center replication.
I want to upgrade to Riak 2.0.6 version.
1. Should i follow Rolling upgrade process as in below?
I don't see any specific instructions to handle replications. I want to
verify if replication works after upgrade.

2. Is there any specific riak enterprise rpm to be used for upgrade or the
standard package avaialble in below can be used?

3. Which would be a stable version to upgrade to for production,

4. Should the replication cluster also be upgraded on the same day or an
upgraded riak cluster can replicate to non-upgraded riak cluster?

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