High CPU on a single node in production

Josh Yudaken josh at smyte.com
Tue Jan 5 13:52:52 EST 2016


We're attempting to use Riak as our primary key-value and search
database for an analytics-typed solution to blocking spam/fraud.

As we expect to eventually be handling a huge amount of data, I
started with a ring size of 1024. We currently have 10 nodes on Google
Cloud n1-standard-16 instances [ 16 cores, 60gb RAM, 720gb local ssd.
]. Disks are at about 60% usage [ roughly 175gb leveldb, 16gb yz, 45gb
anti_entropy, 6gb yz_anti_entropy ], and request wise we're at about
20k/min get, 4k/min set. Load average is usually around 6.

I'm assuming most of the issues we're seeing are Yokozuna related, but
we're seeing a ton of tcp timeouts during handoffs, very slow get/set
queries, and a slew of other errors.

Right now I'm trying to debug an issue where one of the 10 nodes
pegged all the cpu cores. Mostly with the `bean` process.

# riak-admin top
Output server crashed: connection_lost

With few other options (as it was causing slow queries across the
cluster) I stopped the server and saw hundreds of the following
(interesting) messages in the log::

2016-01-05 18:28:28.573 [info]
<0.4958.0>@yz_index_hashtree:close_trees:557 Deliberately marking YZ
hashtree {1458647141945490998441568260777384029383167049728,3} for
full rebuild on next restart

As well as a ton of (I think related?):
2016-01-05 18:28:31.153 [error] <0.5982.0>@yz_kv:index_internal:237
failed to index object
{{<<"features">>,<<"features">>},<<"0NKqMtj3O6_">>} with error
because [{gen_server,call,3,[{file,"gen_server.erl"},{line,188}]},{yz_kv,get_and_set_tree,1,[{file,"src/yz_kv.erl"},{line,452}]},{yz_kv,update_hashtree,4,[{file,"src/yz_kv.erl"},{line,340}]},{yz_kv,index,7,[{file,"src/yz_kv.erl"},{line,295}]},{yz_kv,index_internal,5,[{file,"src/yz_kv.erl"},{line,224}]},{riak_kv_vnode,actual_put,6,[{file,"src/riak_kv_vnode.erl"},{line,1619}]},{riak_kv_vnode,perform_put,3,[{file,"src/riak_kv_vnode.erl"},{line,1607}]},{riak_kv_vnode,do_put,7,[{file,"src/riak_kv_vnode.erl"},{line,1398}]}]

For reference the TCP timeout error looks like:

2016-01-01 01:09:50.522 [error]
<0.8430.6>@riak_core_handoff_sender:start_fold:272 hinted transfer of
riak_kv_vnode from 'riak at riak25-2.c.authbox-api.internal'
185542200051774784537577176028434367729757061120 to
'riak at riak27-2.c.authbox-api.internal'
185542200051774784537577176028434367729757061120 failed because of TCP
recv timeout

Any suggestions about where to look?


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