High CPU on a single node in production

Luke Bakken lbakken at basho.com
Wed Jan 6 17:11:41 EST 2016

> We're planning on having a rather large cluster rather soon, which was
> the reason for the large ring size. Your documentation indicates ring
> resize is *not* possible with search 2.0 [1], although an issue I
> found on github indicated it might be now? [2]

Yeah, resize not applicable in your situation. Are you planning on
having 20 or more nodes eventually?

> I've been through the tuning list multiple times, and haven't seen any
> changes

So I'll assume the tunings have all been applied.

> I migrated the machine seeing issues to a new host, and now
> the new host is seeing similar problems. Heres a screenshot of `htop`
> just before I stopped the node in order to bring our site back up [3].

Just so I'm clear, that "htop" output (https://goo.gl/k8Wtcw) is from
one node, correct? There shouldn't be more than one beam.smp process
running. Is this a per-thread view? Doesn't seem to be, with all the
different PIDs listed, but I've only ever used top or the varios "sar"


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