change keys after user admin created

Shunichi Shinohara shino at
Mon Jan 18 02:41:12 EST 2016

Hi Diego,

Sorry for late reply. It's difficult or rather tricky to modify the key
of existing user.
If your requirement can be fulfilled by getting the user from existing
cluster and putting it to newly created cluster, it's easier.
In Riak KV sense (NOT Riak S2/CS sense), CS user is an Riak KV object
under the bucket "moss.user", its key is user key. Get and Put of KV
objects can be done as described in KV doc [1].

Another way is to create user in newly created cluster by specifying
key and secret in the existing user. This process has one downside,
canonical ID is dynamically generated and will be different in two
clusters. If you don't use canonical ID in any operation, it will work
but otherwise not.

[1] For example,
   Riak S2/CS does not use bucket types.


2016-01-15 21:32 GMT+09:00 buahho <buahho at>:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm using riak-cs in a distributed cluster and i'm trying to clone the
> cluster to another that needs to be identical. The case is that I need to
> put the same key to the user admin in the cloned cluster after riak has been
> installed.
> So, my question is very simple: is there a way to modify the key of the user
> admin after is created?
> Thanks at all!!
> Diego Martínez.
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