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Wed Jul 13 16:08:25 EDT 2016

I guess to answer at least one part of your question on whether it's
"encouraged" or not: it depends on what you want to do with it.

I can't speak for the support side of things but on the engineering side
anyway we're using Docker containers fairly happily to do things like
create ephemeral clusters for doing adhoc testing. It makes for a very nice
way to run a small cluster on a laptop or on a Mesos slave in a Jenkins
build with very similar expectations (I won't say identical because
networking issues can rear their head). I created images based on the
latest TS and KV packages. There are docs in the READMEs:

Running a production Riak cluster, however, raises some concerns that I'm
pretty sure no one really has a good handle on. Networking issues can
become difficult unless you use something like Weave. Volumes could also be
an issue. docker-compose and Docker Swarm should help with some of this but
we don't have any docs that demonstrate how to use them.

I'd say we also don't have a comprehensive picture of performance
characteristics of running a Dockerized Riak cluster since there's several
moving parts to consider. We need to investigate bridged vs host networking
mode and using different volume drivers, etc... There is some valid concern
that the key reasons you'd want to use Riak to begin with are somewhat
ameliorated by a Docker container's ephemeral nature; e.g. it's really easy
to kill off containers which might lead to accidental data loss.


On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 1:47 PM Adam Winter <awinter at>

> Is a Docker-based deployment of Riak officially supported by Basho and
> encouraged?
> I see articles of how to configure Riak to run in Docker images, but no
> explicit mention of it within the list of supported platforms.
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