riak bitcask calculation

Travis Kirstine tkirstine at firstbasesolutions.com
Fri Jul 15 11:48:14 EDT 2016

I've put ~74 million objects in my riak cluster with a bucket size of 9 bytes and keys size of 21 bytes.  According the riak capacity calculator this should require ~4 GiB of RAM per node.  Right now my servers are showing ~ 9 GiB used per node.  Is this caused by hashing or something else......

# capacity calculator output

To manage your estimated 73.9 million key/bucket pairs where bucket names are ~9 bytes, keys are ~21 bytes, values are ~36 bytes and you are setting aside 16.0 GiB of RAM per-node for in-memory data management within a cluster that is configured to maintain 3 replicas per key (N = 3) then Riak, using the Bitcask storage engine, will require at least:

  *   5 nodes
  *   3.9 GiB of RAM per node (19.7 GiB total across all nodes)
  *   11.4 GiB of storage space per node (56.8 GiB total storage space used across all nodes)

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