How to best store arbitrarily large Java objects

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On 22 Jul 2016, at 09:12, Henning Verbeek <hankipanky at> wrote:

> Alex,
> thanks for the very quick response.
> On Thu, Jul 21, 2016 at 5:36 PM, Alex Moore <amoore at> wrote:
>>> I'm beginning to think that I'll need to remodel my data and use CRDTs
>>> for individual fields such as the `TreeMap`. Would that be a better
>>> way?
>> This sounds like a plausible idea.  If you do a lot of possibly conflicting
>> updates to the Tree, then a CRDT map would be the way to go.  You could
>> reuse the key from the main object, and just put it in the new
>> buckettype/bucket.
> Looking at the [documentation](
> I assume there are no limits to the amount of entries, right?

There is a size limit as a map is just a riak object like any other. We’re working on decomposed CRDTs, where the Set/Map/etc are split across many keys. We expect Sets are coming soon, Maps are a little further out.

>> If you don't need to update the tree much, you could also just serialize the
>> tree into it's own object - split up the static data and the often updated
>> data, and put them in different buckets that share the same key.
> The tree is built once and read often, rarely appended to. The problem
> with splitting up the object is that the tree makes up about 95% of
> the size, so unless I can split up the tree, it wont help much.

Splitting up CRDTs that are related is probably going to be a problem too, as they need to share some common causal information to merge correctly. See above.

> Thanks again!
> Henning
> PS: It'd be great to have a `Converter` that can be instructed to map
> fields to CRDT through annotations :)

Is there not a java converter that maps an object to a CRDT map already? That would seem like a nice thing to have, though you’d be limited in the types of your fields to sets/registers/booleans/counters/maps it should work nicely.

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