Retrieving objects from Riak

Gianluca Padovani gpadovani at
Thu Jun 16 12:28:28 EDT 2016

Hi Alexander thanks for your response.

2016-06-16 6:19 GMT+02:00 Alexander Sicular <siculars at>:
> My question to you is what is your
> use case?

This is the problem, I don't know it clearly. There are some use cases very
clear. For example I need to verify username and password on a big bunch of
users, manage some data about users, and I think that RiakKV is perfect for
this scenario, I clearly identify the user by username or email and check
the password, update some data about it some earned points and some money.
I think that riakKV is a perfect choice.

Other scenario is to retrieve some data about the user something similar
about your score or your games. This scenario is more difficult because I
need to maintain a relation between the users and this objects, I'm
evaluating to embed it in the user object but I don't think it's a good
idea, because we have a lot of this object and probably I need to create a
special keys or an intermediary objects to get all this data, divided by
days ??!? In this scenario riakKV probably with Solar or 2i is yet good.

Another scenario is something more statistical/analytical, and I don't know
exactly but something like this: find the first 5 users with the best score
divided for every region and for every city ... In this case, probably,
RiakKV is not a good fit, (map/reduce?!?)

Any suggestions? :-)

thanks and bye
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