Memory backend doesn't work (with multi backend)?

Nagy, Attila bra at
Wed Jun 22 08:34:42 EDT 2016


Trying to use the memory backend via multi.

What I did:
in riak.conf:
storage_backend = multi

Then creating a bucket type:
riak-admin bucket-type create os_cache '{"props": {"write_once": 
riak-admin bucket-type activate os_cache

Then I PUT an object:
curl -v -XPUT -H "Content-Type: application/octet-stream" 
'http://localhost:8098/types/os_cache/buckets/os_cache/keys/test1' -d 'test'

Mext, I shut down all of the servers at once, leaving nothing in the 
cluster, then restarting them.
And a new get for the above URL returns "test".

When I set storage_backend to memory, it works as expected, after a full 
cluster stop, the bucket is empty.

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