Memory backend doesn't work (with multi backend)?

Nagy, Attila bra at
Fri Jun 24 04:23:28 EDT 2016


On 06/23/2016 08:05 PM, Luke Bakken wrote:
> I think the documentation for multi backend could use some
> improvement. Once you configure Riak to use the "multi" storage
> backend, you must then *name* backends to be used by your bucket
> types:
> Here is a configuration that you can use, that would create two
> backends, one using the memory backend that is *named*
> "my_memory_backend", and one using the leveldb backend that is named
> "my_leveldb_backend":
> In riak.conf:
> storage_backend = multi
> multi_backend.my_memory_backend.storage_backend = memory
> multi_backend.my_leveldb_backend.storage_backend = leveldb
> The following is an example of setting a leveldb-specific setting for
> the "my_leveldb_backend" named backend:
> multi_backend.my_leveldb_backend.leveldb.maximum_memory.percent = 70
According to this, my memory_backend.max_memory_per_vnode setting should 
look like this, right?

multi_backend.my_memory_backend.storage_backend = memory
multi_backend.my_memory_backend.memory_backend.max_memory_per_vnode = 1G

Which gives:
10:20:08.249 [error] Error generating configuration in phase 
10:20:08.249 [error] Error transforming datatype for: 

multi_backend.my_memory_backend.max_memory_per_vnode = 1G
10:21:33.109 [error] You've tried to set 
multi_backend.my_memory_backend.max_memory_per_vnode, but there is no 
setting with that name.
10:21:33.109 [error]   Did you mean one of these?
10:21:33.204 [error] multi_backend.$name.memory_backend.max_memory_per_vnode
10:21:33.204 [error]     memory_backend.max_memory_per_vnode
10:21:33.204 [error] multi_backend.$name.leveldb.maximum_memory.percent

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