Riak Java client question

Guido Medina gmedina at temetra.com
Wed Jun 29 10:02:04 EDT 2016


Are there any plans on releasing a Riak Java client with Netty-4.1.x?

The reasoning for this is that some projects like Vert.x 3.3.0 for 
example are already on Netty-4.1.x and AFAIK Netty's 4.1.x isn't just a 
drop in replacement for 4.0.x

Would it make sense to support another Riak Java client, say version 
2.1.x with Netty-4.1.x as a way to move forward?

Or maybe Riak 2.0.x works with Netty 4.1.x? but I doubt it.

Best regards,


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