Using $bucket index for listing keys

Oleksiy Krivoshey oleksiyk at
Fri Mar 4 12:11:15 EST 2016

I have a bucket with ~200 keys in it and I wanted to iterate them with the
help of $bucket index and 2i request, however I'm facing the recursive
behaviour, for example I send the following 2i request:

bucket: 'BUCKET_NAME',
type: 'BUCKET_TYPE',
index: '$bucket',
qtype: 0,
max_results: 10,
continuation: 'AAAA'

I receive 10 keys and continuation 'BBBB', I then repeat the request with
continuation 'BBBB' and at this point I can receive a reply with
continuation 'CCCC' or 'AAAA' or even 'BBBB' and its going in never ending

I'm running this on a 5 node 2.1.3 cluster.

What I'm doing wrong? Or is this not supported at all?

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