Continuous HTTP POSTs to Riak

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Hi Qiang,

Other more skilled folks can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe you can enforce strong consistency on your nodes:

If I recall, you will take a performance hit as all nodes must receive the data.


-          Mark Schmidt

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Thanks, Dave! I'm aware of Riak's eventual consistency. I wonder how I can get Riak work in the way as I need. I'm in a situation where I expect the immediate GET reads the value I've just posted. And the GET request isn't sent out until the POST is done.


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You need to google 'Eventual consistency'.

- Peace

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Hi All,

I use Riak as a KV store and send http requests to its REST API to update entries. Instead of using curl, I use Apache HttpClient to send requests.

One thing bothering me is that sometimes I find the entry isn't properly updated after an HTTP POST/PUT. For example, if I do an HTTP GET on the same key immediately after an HTTP POST, the chance is good that I get a stale value. This happens when I continuously POST to a multi-node Riak, and some of the posts target the same key.

Also, I find I don't have this issue if I use a single-node Riak. So I think something wasn't correct with my multi-node Riak cluster (I set "allow_mult" to false).  Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


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