Continuous HTTP POSTs to Riak

Qiang Cao caoqiang.cs at
Fri Mar 4 12:27:25 EST 2016

This worked!  Thank you, Vitaly!

On Fri, Mar 4, 2016 at 3:18 AM, Vitaly E <13vitamins at> wrote:

> Hi Qiang,
> Since you are running with allow_mult=false, make sure the clocks of your
> Riak nodes are synchronized. If they are out of sync, newer values may get
> overridden by older ones on read, depending on the node a request hits
> first. Of course this won't cover 100% of cases because a perfect clock
> synchronization is just impossible.
> Also, setting notfound_ok to "false" may help if you encounter not founds
> for keys you are sure have been written.
> Good luck!
> Vitaly
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