ring_creation_size & ring_partition_number error joining 2.1.3 node to 2.1.1 cluster

Sargun Dhillon sargun at sargun.me
Sun Mar 6 22:25:52 EST 2016

They're effectively equal

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On Mar 6, 2016, at 17:32, Robert Latko <robert at lmi-global.com> wrote:

Hi all,

Found the problem/solution.

With the first cluster, I set it up with a ring size of 64. Prior to
loading data. I stopped the node(s), changed the ring size to 256, then

Therefore, if I want to add a new node, I FIRST must start the node with a
ring size of 64, then stop it, change the conf for a ring size of 256, then
start, then stage, plan, and commit.

I am still not sure the relation ship with ring size and ring partitions.



On 03/06/2016 02:10 PM, Robert Latko wrote:

Hi All,

I've got a cluster in 2.1.1 and was wanting to join a 2.1.3 node to it

I am getting the following error:

# ./bin/riak-admin cluster join a-backend at
Failed: a-backend at has a different ring_creation_size

So... for the new 2.1.3
# ./bin/riak-admin status | grep ring
ring_creation_size : 256
ring_members : ['node-template at']
*ring_num_partitions : 256*
ring_ownership : <<"[{'node-template at',256}]"
<[%7B%27node-template at,256%7D]>>>
rings_reconciled : 0
rings_reconciled_total : 0

AND for node a-backend at
# ./bin/riak-admin status | grep ring
ring_creation_size : 256
ring_members : ['a-backend at',' <b-backend at>
b-backend at',
*ring_num_partitions : 64*
ring_ownership : <<"[{'b-backend at',13},\n
{'c-backend at',13},\n {'d-backend at',13},\n
{'e-backend at',12},\n {'a-backend at',13}]"
<[%7B%27b-backend at,13%7D,%5Cn%7B%27c-backend at,13%7D,%5Cn%7B%27d-backend at,13%7D,%5Cn%7B%27e-backend at,12%7D,%5Cn%7B%27a-backend at,13%7D]>
rings_reconciled : 0
rings_reconciled_total : 32

The 'ring_num_partitions' are different which leaves me to believe this is
the cause.

A.) How do I increase the 'ring_num_partitions' to 256 in the 2.1.1
cluster� **OR**
B.) How do I decrease the 'ring_num_partitions' to 64 in the 2.1.3 node?

Any ideas? recommendations?

Thanks in advance,


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