Yokozuna inconsistent search results

Oleksiy Krivoshey oleksiyk at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 05:05:29 EST 2016

So event when I fixed 3 documents which caused AAE errors,
restarted AAE with riak_core_util:rpc_every_member_ann(yz_entropy_mgr,
expire_trees, [], 5000).
waited 5 days (now I see all AAE trees rebuilt in last 5 days and no AAE or
Solr errors), I still get inconsistent num_found.

For a bucket with 30,000 keys each new search request can result in
difference in num_found for over 5,000.

What else can I do to get consistent index, or at least not a 15%

I even tried to walk through all the bucket keys and modifying them in a
hope that all Yokozuna instances in a cluster will pick them up, but no

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