Riak Recap March 18, 2016

Alexander Sicular siculars at basho.com
Fri Mar 18 13:29:16 EDT 2016

Hello All!

Here’s the latest summary of the Riak users mailing list, latest client
releases and job openings at Basho.

## Latest Releases


   NodeJS Client 2.1.2 - includes improvements to closed connections
   handling such as with AWS ELB. Release notes [1] and code [2].

   Java Client 2.0.5 - brings a number of fixes including a fix to a DNS
   refresh issue and enhanced testing. Release notes [3] and maven repo [4].

## Recently Answered


   Magnus and Russell help Oleksiy clear up some confusion about the hidden
   $bucket index [5] - but only when using leveldb. Nevertheless, perhaps a
   $bucket query should not be accepted against a bitcask backend [6].

   Robert notes that when joining nodes to clusters they must have the same
   ring sizes [7].

   Agung is interested in working with riak_ensemble [8][9] and has a few
   questions about it. Carlos recommends taking a look at nkbase [10], which
   uses riak_ensemble, and Sargun goes into more detail [11].

## Open Discussions


   Fred and Magnus are working with Oleksiy to determine the root cause of
   inconsistent Solr search results [12].

   Bartek is looking for assistance on how to feed a mapreduce job with the
   results of a full text search [13]

   Kinson is looking for guidance on implementing Basho Bench [14]

   There is an open question regarding whether it’s possible to rebalance
   Riak KV without adding/removing nodes or making any hardware changes [15]

   Luke thinks that Gerhard’s proposed architecture will ensure replicas
   are distributed to every node, but invites someone with more knowledge of
   the hashing method to chime in [16]

   Robert is looking for guidance on choosing EC2 instance types for use
   with Riak/LevelDB [17]

   Vitaly is helping troubleshoot timeouts in a deployment of Riak KV
   running on a cluster with 512 partitions [18]

   There’s an open question about debugging a post commit hook for a bucket
   type in Riak 2.1.3 [19]

   Christopher explained that when configuring multiple Riak clients in a
   cluster, you need to have each client use a different name. Chathuri has
   some follow-up questions about the configuration [20]

   Vitaly and Chris are helping troubleshoot testing in a single node
   implementation of Riak KV [21]

## Jobs at Basho

Interested in working on distributed computing related problems? Perhaps
these open positions at Basho may be of interest:


   Developer Advocate (London and US) [22]

   Client Services Engineer (USA) [23]

   Consulting Engineer (USA) [24]

Enjoy your weekend!

Alexander Sicular

Solution Architect

Basho Technologies


[1] https://github.com/basho/riak-nodejs-client/blob/master/RELNOTES.md

[2] https://github.com/basho/riak-nodejs-client/releases/tag/v2.1.2

[3] https://github.com/basho/riak-java-client/blob/develop/RELNOTES.md#205





[8] https://github.com/basho/riak_ensemble














[22] http://bashojobs.theresumator.com/apply/nVY7Ea/Developer-Advocate-EMEA

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