solr giving duplcate records

Fred Dushin fdushin at
Mon Mar 21 09:07:33 EDT 2016

Hi Anil,

Could be be more specific about how you found duplicate records, and what constitutes a duplicate, for you?

It is true that Riak replicas (n_val > 1) do show up in Solr as separate Solr documents, but they have unique ids (using the _yz_id field, discriminated by the Riak partition ordinal).

Are you getting duplicates when you run a search query through Riak, or when you are searching directly on a Solr endpoint?  In the former case, you should not see duplicate records, as Riak search uses Riak Core's coverage plan to hit single partitions (semantically, r=1).  If you are searching directly on Solr endpoints, it is definitely possible to yield results that have duplicate keys (especially if, for example, you are using a single Riak node).


> On Mar 21, 2016, at 7:13 AM, Anil Chandgude(HO) <anil.chandgude at> wrote:
> As per my knowledge , solr index doesn't store duplicate records.
> But in raik solr, I found single record with multiple copies. Is it happen during updation of index. or do I need to change my basic configuration
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