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Joe Olson technology at
Wed Mar 23 13:01:21 EDT 2016

Index design question.... 

Suppose I have N customers I am tracking data for. All customer data is basically the same structure, and I have determined I need a simple secondary index on this data in order to satisfy a business goal. 

Is it better to have N indexes (N ~ 100), or a single index, with the customer ID the most significant part of a compound index? 

Assume the app will not access all customers equally, some customers data will be accessed far more frequently than others. 

I tend to think a one giant index is more susceptible to failure, and I'm not sure how the caching and swapping to disk is affected under each scenario. 

Any thoughts? Target clusters size is 7 nodes., 16GB ram each. If N indexes is workable, how high can N be? 


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