Cluster ready status for Riak S2

Mark Allen mrallen1 at
Thu Mar 31 23:53:49 EDT 2016

You could try a `riak-cs ping` command and make sure it gets a "pong" response as output.  That's not a solid guarantee that everything's totally started, but its better than just sleeping and hoping for the best.

    On Monday, March 28, 2016 10:13 AM, Jhonny Everson <khronnuz at> wrote:

 Hi,I am starting riak-cs for integration tests in a docker container. Does anyone know if there is a stat I can use to make sure it is fully started before using it? I am currently waiting(sleep) 30s for it to start but ideally I could check for a status and continue once it is ready.

Jhonny Everson
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