preflists do not satisfy the n_val on 5 nodes

Vladimir Shabanov vshabanoff at
Sun May 8 10:26:23 EDT 2016


Recently I upgraded my servers and migrated Riak from 5 old servers to 5
new ones (new servers are running Riak 2.1.4, old were on 2.1.1).

After running 'riak-admin diag' I got
[warning] The following preflists do not satisfy the n_val:
   'riak at z...'},
   'riak at a...'},
   'riak at a...'}],
   'riak at a...'},
   'riak at a...'},
   'riak at b...'}]]

As I understand it means that no all replicas are located on the same nodes.

I suspect that I can run 'riak-admin cluster leave/join' on some node to
get correct rebalancing. But I remember that few years ago I ran 'riak
attach' and executed some magic Erlang code to make rebalancing. It was on
the same cluster, 4 nodes, Riak 1.x.

Is there a way to do rebalancing without node leave/join in Riak 2.x?
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