Riak-CS False 503 Service Unavailable Error on Client

Valenti, Anthony Anthony.Valenti at inmar.com
Tue Nov 1 10:51:39 EDT 2016

We are having a lot of 503 Service Unvailable errors for 1 particular application client(s) when connecting to Riak-CS.  Everything looks fine in Riak/Riak-CS and when I check the Riak-CS access logs, I can see access from other applications to other buckets before, during and after the reported error time.  We have a 5 node cluster that are load balanced and all of them seem to be operating normally and they should be able to handle the incoming connections.  We did find this Jira in Github which looks like our exact problem (https://github.com/basho/riak_cs/issues/1283) , but there is 1 comment and it was closed and I'm not sure of the fix/workaround/resolution.  Has this been resolved in a later version than we are using - riak cs 1.5.3-1?  Is there a way to correct the issue from the client side?

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