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1.  The global expiry module is an external C++ module that is open source.  There is no definition at this time for an Erlang callback, but the design supports it.  You can patch the open source code now.

2.  The TTL has two components:  when the record is written and number of minutes until expiry.  The write time goes into each record.  The number of minutes until expiry is loaded at start.  A change to the global minutes until expiry impacts the evaluation of all records.  A subsequent release will allow distinct TTL by table.

3.  Not my area of the code.


> On Nov 1, 2016, at 3:46 PM, Joe Olson <technology at nododos.com> wrote:
> Two questions about the RiakTS TTL functionality (and its future direction):
> 1. Is it possible to replace the standard delete upon TTL expiry with a user defined delete?
> 2. Can the current global setting for the TTL timeout be changed? Will that affect new records going forward?
> Bonus question:
> 3. Are there any plans to implement general triggering in RiakTS?
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