Riak TS Agility on handling Petabytes of Data

rajaa.krishnamurthy at bt.com rajaa.krishnamurthy at bt.com
Thu Nov 17 23:28:09 EST 2016

Dear Team,

As a process of validation, we would like to know certain aspects w.r.t Riak TS. Let's say per day 100TB real time data we get in our application which crossed around more than petabytes of data in sometime.

Would RIAK TS be an Ideal Choice for the above application ground. If so, 1. How it will handle the data. 2. What is the performance of Reads/Writes that we can expect. 3. How fast RIAK TS would be compared to MongoDB, Cassandra & Druid

Thanks & Regards,
Rajaa Krishnamurthy,
IoT Gateway Developer
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