Java client -- slow to shutdown

Toby Corkindale toby at
Thu Nov 24 00:58:47 EST 2016

I'm using the Java client via protocol buffers to Riak.
(Actually I'm using it via Scala 2.11.8 on OpenJDK 8)

After calling client.shutdown(), there is always a delay of 4 seconds
before the app actually exits. Why is this, and what can I do about it?

To demonstrate the issue, use these files:

If you put both of them in a fresh directory and then run "sbt", it should
grab various dependencies and stuff, and then you can use "compile" and
"run" commands.
(You'll need to do "export" in the shell
before you run sbt)

If you do "run" a few times, you'll see it always takes four seconds to get
back to the sbt prompt. If you comment out the two riak statements in the
source code (the connection and shutdown), then "run" a few times, it takes
zero seconds.

I've tested this outside of sbt and the same issue exists.. it's just
easier to make a quick demo that works inside sbt.

Also reported as

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