Riak CS Stats: pbc_pool_master_workers

Vladyslav Zakhozhai v.zakhozhai at smartweb.com.ua
Tue Nov 29 07:37:01 EST 2016


I'm wondering about pbc_pool_master_workers Riak CS Stats metric. I want to
clear its meaning for myself.

Is this metric means free pbc (to riak) connections in the pool or it
indicates count of pbc connections established to riak without
consideration of its usage and state (I mean is it checked out or not)?

I.e. if I have pool of pbc connections 64 and there is 32 tasks that trying
to put some data. What value of this metric will be 64 or 32?

And what is request_pool_workers? Is it pbc_pool_master_workers + reserved
connection pool?

Thanks in advance.
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