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Thank you for your question, and I want to reassure you that Riak KV is still very much under active development. Work that is being done in the Riak TS codebase is being used to improve Riak KV where it applies. Riak KV 2.2 is coming soon and will include these new features:

Global Object TTL in eLevelDB
LZ4 Compression in eLevelDB
Debian 8 and Ubuntu 16 support
Switches to disable certain operations in Riak (Key Listing, 2i, Search)
HyperLogLog Data Type
We have also been working to enhance performance and pay-down technical debt in the product. Some examples of this are:

Inconsistent hashing of equivalent objects with AAE
Riak Search performance optimizations
Upgrading Riak Search's internal Solr version to 4.10.4
As to the future, while we don't provide public roadmaps, some of the themes coming in Riak will be:

Advanced data lifecycle management
Enhancements to Multi-data Center Replication
I sincerely appreciate your feedback.

Charlie Voiselle
Product Manager, Riak KV and Clients

> On Oct 3, 2016, at 1:34 PM, Ricardo Mayerhofer <ricardo.ekm at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Despite seeing new components being added to Basho data solutions, which is great (e.g. Riak TS) I wonder about Riak KV evolution.
> Since 2013 there's no major release of Riak KV and not many features were added since then. Is Riak KV still a priority to Basho?
> Some features that I miss:
> TTL per bucket or per key,
> Secondary index in Bitcask or TTL in LevelDB.
> Be able to drop an entire bucket. 
> Is there a Roadmap of Riak KV or a list of features coming?
> -- 
> Ricardo Mayerhofer
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