How to specify dismax related parameters like qf

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On 14 October 2016 at 20:18, AJAX DoneBy Jack <ajaxdone at> wrote:

> Hello Basho,
> I am very new on Riak Search, I know can add {!dismax}before query string
> to use it, but don't know how to specify qf or other dismax related
> parameters in Riak Java Client. Could you advise?
> Thanks,
> Ajax

Hi Ajax,

The Riak Java Client, as most other Riak clients, uses the Protocol Buffer
API to communicate with Riak. Yokozuna's implementation of the Protocol
Buffer API allows only for a small set of query parameters [0], which have
been chosen to support the standard query parser. As such, there is
currently no easy way to use the extended set of query parameters through
the java api.

However, you may have better luck if you talk directly to HTTP API, exposed
at http://<node>:8098/search/query/<index_name>. This will accept all
queries supported by Solr 4.7. Please be aware, though, that some query
results that require accumulating data from all Solr nodes (such as stats
queries), may not work as expected. Yokozuna constructs a new coverage
query very frequently, and the actual results returned depend on which
nodes are chosen in this query.

Kind Regards,



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