Increasing listen() backlog on riak's HTTP api

Rohit Sanbhadti sanbhadtirohit at
Thu Oct 20 01:20:10 EDT 2016

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to increase the backlog that riak uses when opening a listening socket with HTTP, as I’ve seen a fair number of backlog overflow errors in my use case (we have a 10 node riak cluster which takes a lot of traffic, and we certainly expect the peak of concurrent traffic to exceed the default backlog size of 128). I just found out that there appears to be no way to customize the backlog that riak passes to webmachine/mochiweb, as indicated by this issue (  Can anyone recommend a way to increase this backlog without having to modify and recompile the riak_api, or without switching to protocol buffers? Is there any set of erlang commands I can run from the attachable riak console to change the backlog and restart the listening socket? 

Rohit S.

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