Spaces in the search string

sean mcevoy sean.mcevoy at
Mon Sep 5 18:24:18 EDT 2016

Hi List,

We have a solr index where we store something like:
<<"{\"key_s\":\"ID\",\"body_s\":\"some test string\"}">>}],

Then we try to do a riakc_pb_socket:search with the pattern:
<<"body_s:*test str*">>

The request will fail with an error message telling us to check the logs
and in there we find:

2016-09-05 13:37:29.271 [error] <0.12067.10>@yz_pb_search:maybe_process:107
field name specified in query and no default specified via 'df'

Through experiment I've figured out that it doesn't like the space as it
seems to think the part of the search string after that space is a new key
to search for. Which seems fair enough.

Anyone know of a work-around? Or am I formatting my request incorrectly?

Thanks in advance.
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