Riak 2.1.3 - Multiple indexes created by Solr for the same Riak object

Weixi Yen weixi at blitzchat.com
Sat Sep 10 21:27:08 EDT 2016

Sort of a unique case, my app was under heavy stress and one of my riak
nodes got backed up (other 4 nodes were fine).

I think this caused Riak.update to create an extra index in Solr for the
same object when users began running .update on that object.

I have basically 2 questions:

1) Is what I'm describing something that is possible?

2) Is there a way to tell Solr to re-index one single item and get rid of
all other indexes of that item?

Considering RiakTS to resolve these issues long term, but have to stick
with Solr for at least the next 3 months, would appreciate any insight into
how to solve this duplicate index problem.


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