Riak 2.1.3 - Multiple indexes created by Solr for the same Riak object

Magnus Kessler mkessler at basho.com
Tue Sep 13 07:35:39 EDT 2016

On 11 September 2016 at 02:27, Weixi Yen <weixi at blitzchat.com> wrote:

> Sort of a unique case, my app was under heavy stress and one of my riak
> nodes got backed up (other 4 nodes were fine).
> I think this caused Riak.update to create an extra index in Solr for the
> same object when users began running .update on that object.

Hi Weixi,

Can you please confirm what you mean by "extra index"? Do you mean that an
object was indexed more than once and gets counted / returned by Solr
queries? If that's the case, can you please let me know how you query Solr?

> I have basically 2 questions:
> 1) Is what I'm describing something that is possible?

Riak/Yokozuna indexes each replica of a Riak object into Solr. With the
default n_val of 3, there will be 3 copies of any given object indexed in
Solr. Depending on the version of Riak you are using, it's also possible
that siblings of Riak objects get indexed independently. So yes, it is
possible to find several additional objects in Solr for each KV object.
When querying Solr through Riak/Yokozuna, the internal queries are
structured in a way that only one replica is returned. Quering Solr nodes
directly will typically lack these filters and may return more than one
copy of an object.

> 2) Is there a way to tell Solr to re-index one single item and get rid of
> all other indexes of that item?

You can perform a GET/PUT cycle through Riak KV on an object. This will
result in n_val copies of the objects across the Solr instances, that
replace previous versions. It is not possible to have just 1 copy, unless
the n_val for the object is exactly 1. AFAIK, there have been some fixes to
Yokozuna in 2.0.7 and the upcoming 2.2 release that deal better with
indexed siblings. Discrepancies between KV objects and their Solr
counterparts should be detected and resolved by active anti-entropy (AAE).

> Considering RiakTS to resolve these issues long term, but have to stick
> with Solr for at least the next 3 months, would appreciate any insight into
> how to solve this duplicate index problem.
> Thanks,
> Weixi


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