Error starting Riak CS + Stanchion on NixOS -- lists:unzip/3 error

Matthew Daiter mdaiter8121 at
Mon Sep 19 16:26:18 EDT 2016

Hey all,
I'm currently having trouble starting Stanchion on NixOS. When attempting
to start Stanchion from root user, the system complains that there's no
function clause matching lists:unzip/3.
There's currently an issue about this opened up on GitHub, available here:
My current configuration files are here:
And I've made Nix expressions for Stanchion, Riak-CS and Basho's version of
Erlang (all of which I'd love to push to nixpkgs!) so my build system's
totally reproducible. I'm using Erlang16R2_basho8.
Other users have been having this issue as well. Any help would be greatly
Matthew Daiter
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