Joining node answers to requests

Guillaume Boddaert guillaume at
Tue Sep 20 08:48:13 EDT 2016


I'm currently adding two new node to my production. Yet, they seems to 
answer my requests while joining. I have strange answers with bad prop 
types for my bucket (index_name in my case).

admin at riak-1:~$ sudo riak-admin member-status
================================= Membership 
Status     Ring    Pending    Node
joining     0.0%      --      'riak at'
joining     0.0%      --      'riak at'
valid      32.8%      --      'riak at'
valid      34.4%      --      'riak at'
valid      32.8%      --      'riak at'
Valid:3 / Leaving:0 / Exiting:0 / Joining:2 / Down:0

This is a sample response from python when a ask for properties, 
index_name is missing and the claimant is riak-4

{'n_val': 2, 'r': 'quorum', 'dw': 'quorum', 'pr': 0, 'claimant': 
'riak at', 'w': 'quorum', 'precommit': [], 
'dvv_enabled': True, 'big_vclock': 50, 'last_write_wins': False, 
'notfound_ok': True, 'basic_quorum': False, 'linkfun': {'fun': 
'mapreduce_linkfun', 'mod': 'riak_kv_wm_link_walker'}, 'pw': 0, 
'small_vclock': 50, 'rw': 'quorum', 'young_vclock': 20, 'chash_keyfun': 
{'fun': 'chash_std_keyfun', 'mod': 'riak_core_util'}, 'allow_mult': 
True, 'datatype': 'map', 'active': True, 'postcommit': [], 'old_vclock': 

I'm pretty sure I first reached one of my 3 valid nodes for the original 
How can I exclude my two joining nodes from serving any response to my 
clients ?


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