Using cursorMark with '_yz_rk'

Vipin Sharma sharmavipin at
Tue Sep 20 21:28:37 EDT 2016

Hi all,

In our system we have default implementation of querying the data from riak using “pagination”.
For some of the queries, with huge number of resulting records (into the tunes of 10,000+) , it is becoming an issue and hence we wanted to change it to use “cursorMark” as suggested here :

While using cursorMark,

-          It asks for unique key in the sort field. We didn’t have a unique key of our own so wanted to use “_yz_rk”  but It gives error mentioned below.

-          Query is accepted when sort parameter is changed to use “_yz_id” instead but  It gives redundant / duplicate records. It is probably a known issue as mentioned here<> ( Pagination Warning). Solution recommended is to use { _yz_rt asc, _yz_rb asc, _yz_rk asc } instead but for each of them query is returning the following error :

                "error":{"msg":"Cursor functionality requires a sort containing a uniqueKey field tie breaker","code":400}

Can somebody please share some suggestions on this.


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