Seeking Backup solution for live nodes

Niels Christian Sorensen ncs at
Mon Sep 26 05:39:27 EDT 2016


We use Riak-kv Enterprise Edition as base for Riak CS to store files in. 
Each customer has a separate bucket in the cluster(s) and all data is 
stored multi site in 3 copies. Thus the "i lost a node" situation is 
fully covered.

I need however, a solution for providing customers with a "single 
instance" backup of their data.

I am aware of the possibility of tar, cp, scp, what-ever-copy of the 
data - but this require me to take system off-line according to this:

Also I would still have to restore all customers data (and all involved 
nodes) - this is not trivial!

Also I realize that the "riak-admin backup" is deprecated and should be 
avoided - It seemed like an easy solution to my problem but....

The s3cmd will allow me to pull out the data and I could most likely 
write a fantastic automatic script based system to use this - I do not 
have the time for that and are therefor looking for a commercial or 
"pre-build - adjustable" solution that will allow me to pull out a 
single copy of all data stored in a bucket and keep it elsewhere.

Any ideas / solutions / quotes (as external consultant) on a solution to 
this problem?

A plan for recovery is obviously also needed ;-)

Thanks in advance


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