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On 27 September 2016 at 20:50, Nguyen, Kyle <kyle.nguyen at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Is deleting bucket type possible in version 2.1.4? If not, is there any
> workaround or available script/code that we can do this in a production
> environment without too much performance impact?
> Thanks
> -Kyle-

Hi Kyle,

There is currently no option to delete bucket types once they have been
created. Are you trying to delete a bucket type and any objects stored
within the namespace of the bucket type, or just remove a previously
configured bucket type?

In Riak, bucket types have very little operational overhead. They get
stored in the cluster meta data and take up a small amount of disk space
there. Bucket types are not gossiped around the ring on a regular basis,
though, and therefore have not got the negative impact a large number of
custom buckets would have. With Riak-2.x we generally recommend storing any
configuration in bucket types, rather than creating custom buckets, even if
there is only one bucket using that specific configuration.

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