High number of Riak buckets

Vikram Lalit vikramlalit at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 19:42:14 EDT 2016

Hi - I am creating a messaging platform wherein am modeling each topic to
serve as a separate bucket. That means there can potentially be millions of
buckets, with each message from a user becoming a value on a distinct
timestamp key.

My question is there any downside to modeling my data in such a manner? Or
can folks advise a better way of storing the same in Riak?

Secondly, I would like to modify the default bucket properties (n_val) - I
understand that such 'custom' buckets have a higher performance overhead
due to the extra load on the gossip protocol. Is there a way the default
n_val of newly created buckets be changed so that even if I have the above
said high number of buckets, there is no performance degrade? Believe there
was such a config allowed in app.config but not sure that file is leveraged
any more after riak.conf was introduced.

Thanks much.
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