Query regarding retrival of data

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Subject: Query regarding retrival of data

Hi all,
Greeting for this day.

I have successfully inserted data into the riak database using riak-python client and currently, I'm using single node configuration. I'm refering to http://riak-python-client.readthedocs.io/en/2.2.0/client.html this website for a tutorial but I'm having lots of problem in getting the clear solution.

my system configuration is:
OS - Ubuntu Trusty LTS
Python - 2.7.6
Riak KV - 2.1.4

So my question is that now:

Q) I want to see what are all the buckets that are present in my database at this moment?


Q) If I know the name of the buckets then is there any way to retrieve all the keys that bucket have?


Q) Is there any possibility by which we can specify the WHERE condition as we do in SQL?

Yes and no.  The basic .get will return a contents where bucket= and key=


Beyond that you would need to setup riak search


or secondary indexes


Please help me in this.
Any documentation or website or any kind of help is apprecited.

Mr. Coder,
MTECH in Distributed Database,
National Institute of Technology. INDIA
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