ClusterOffline Unable to access functioning Riak node

Charles Solar charlessolar at
Wed Apr 12 14:03:21 EDT 2017

Hi list - I'm currently running both Riak and RiakTS in a lab environment
for testing and my clients writing data get

"ClusterOffline Unable to access functioning Riak node"

errors fairly often.  I am wondering if this is an indication that I need
to add more nodes to increase capacity? Or tune some other settings?

I've looked through Riak logs and there is no indication of a problem, are
there other diagnostics I can do?

Im finding RiakTS commits fail with this commit far more often.

I'm using the C# client, nodePollTime 5000, retryWaitTime 100, retryCount 3

with 7 riak nodes and 3 riakts nodes.
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