Production deployment requirements for memory backend storage

nrjpoddar N.Poddar at
Wed Apr 12 15:46:50 EDT 2017

Thanks Charlie for the detailed reply. It clarifies a lot of things for me.
Few more follow-on questions:

1) Based on your reply for "platform_data_dir", the size of the directory is
bounded for a stable cluster (i.e. not much ring ownership changes, bucket
types/buckets not being created with custom properties). Newly created node
joining the cluster obtains all relevant cluster/ring metadata from its
peers and persists data in this directory. Is my understanding correct?

2) Is there any documentation related to memory overhead for memory storage
backend? I found overhead documentation for bitcask backend but none for
memory. I'm looking for overhead added by Riak per key/data pair. I'm
guessing frequency of updates which might affect vector clock sizes
influence this number but an average & worst case overhead numbers would be
very useful. In my scenario I will be using bucket types with allow_mult set
as false with last_write_wins set to false to disable siblings creation but
still use vector clocks for resolving conflicts.

Thanks again!

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