Not able to run Riak CS on Raspberry Pi 3

Henry- Norbert Cocos cocos at
Thu Apr 13 07:20:11 EDT 2017

Hi List,

i am having problems running Riak CS on the Raspberry Pi 3. I installed 
it from source and made the necassary changes to the "riak.config" and 
the "advanced.config".
It currently shows me, that it has issues running the configuration.

I'm also having troubles to find information on how to specify the 
leveldb and bitcask modules in the "advanced.config" file.

I was looking for information in the following links:

Below the config file and the error:


Here the current advanced.config:

{riak_kv, [
     {storage_backend, riak_cs_kv_multi_backend},
     {multi_backend_prefix_list, [{<<"0b:">>, be_blocks}]},
     {multi_backend_default, be_default},
     {multi_backend, [
         {be_default, riak_kv_eleveldb_backend, [
         {be_blocks, riak_kv_bitcask_backend, [

The error i am getting after running "sudo bin/riak config generate -l 

13:15:10.017 [info] 
/home/pi/src/riak/rel/riak/bin/../etc/advanced.config detected, 
overlaying proplists
escript: exception error: no function clause matching

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