Problem with multithreadeding in Java

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Fri Apr 14 21:13:17 EDT 2017

Hi Allexandre,

Could you share your code for setting up the
RiakNode/RiakCluster/RiakClient objects on the Java side, and how you are
sharing them amongst your worker threads?

Clients Team Lead

On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 6:09 PM, Allexandre Sampaio <allexandresss at
> wrote:

> Hi, I'm using Riak TS in a multithreaded application, running on an Ubuntu
> 16.04 server, for a college project. The library I'm using is
> riak-client-2.1.1, with all of its dependencies.
> The problem starts when I try to set more than some dozens threads, so the
> Riak service starts to refuse the connection and throw errors.
> I've checked and all the threads are using the same client (that is thread
> safe, according to its docs).
> I also tried to change the riak conf file to allow the maximum of threads
> (1024), but it didn't change nothing...
> Need help.
> Thanks!
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