5-node low-cost, low-power Riak KV cluster -- this sound feasible?

Lloyd R. Prentice lloyd at writersglen.com
Wed Apr 26 23:01:50 EDT 2017


I'd like to build a five-node low-cost, low-power Riak KV cluster. Use case: learning Riak,  development, testing, storage of personal data.

-- Based on pure hand-waving, I've plugged numbers that seem more than adequate for my purposes into the Riak Cluster Capacity Planning Calculator. Here's the recommendation:

To manage your estimated 100.0 thousand key/bucket pairs where bucket names are ~10 bytes, keys are ~36 bytes, values are ~97.7 KiB and you are setting aside 2.0 GiB of RAM per-node for in-memory data management within a cluster that is configured to maintain 3 replicas per key (N = 3) then Riak, using the Bitcask storage engine, will require at least:

5 nodes
6.4 MiB of RAM per node (31.9 MiB total across all nodes)
5.6 GiB of storage space per node (28.0 GiB total storage space used across all nodes)
Based on this, I'm considering the following hardware:


Each with 8 Gb eMMC storage

This provides a 64-bit 2 GHz processor and 2 Gb RAM per day node running Ubuntu 16.04 at total cost of something under total $65000 for the cluster.

Does this sound like a feasible way to go? Any downsides?

Many thanks,


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