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On 8 February 2017 at 21:33, Daniel Miller <dmiller at> wrote:

> According to the docs
> <>
> “Running [riak-admin cluster clear] will also stop the current node in
> addition to clearing any staged changes.
> Is there a way to clear the current cluster plan without stopping the
> current node?
Hi Daniel,

That statement from the docs is wrong. [riak-admin cluster clear] does not
stop the current node in general. It may stop the node if the command is
run on a joining node, and the join is cancelled, but should be safe to run
on all other nodes. I have reached out to the documentation team to get
this fixed.

Even better (shameless feature request) would be to have a way to “replan”
> the current plan. That is, clear the plan and then redo the currently
> planned actions with a single command. Often I have a plan that ends up
> with an uneven ring allocation and I’ve noticed that I can sometimes get a
> better allocation if I clear and re-plan several times, but this is tedious.
You can run  [riak-admin cluster plan] more than once before  [riak-admin
cluster commit], and it may generate a different transition plan every time
depending on cluster state.

> Thanks!
> Daniel​
Kind Regards,


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