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On 9 February 2017 at 14:46, Daniel Miller <dmiller at> wrote:

> Hi Magnus,
> Thanks, this is great news! I was worried that clearing a planned node
> removal would stop the node from which I was issuing the clear command,
> which would be bad. Sounds like I have nothing to worry about in that case.
The behaviour of `riak-admin cluster plan` is quite complex, depending on
the staged changes. If a `leave` operation has been staged, it will just
undo the staged change; no node will be stopped. However, if a `join`
operation has been staged, the joining node will be shut down after its
ring has been cleared. When this node restarts, it will behave like a fresh
unjoined node and can be joined again. If `riak-admin cluster clear` was
run from a node that remains in the cluster, this node will be unaffected.

> On running cluster plan multiple times to generate a new plan: this is a
> little surprising since I think I’ve done that before but I haven’t
> observed it generating a new plan. I’ll try it again.
You may see the effect more pronounced if you use `claim_v3`, which is more
aggressive. For a discussion about how to rebalance the ring without adding
or removing nodes, please see

> Thanks for very quick response.
> Daniel

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