'Failed to put 1 record(s)' error when inserting data from python

Martin Piták mous.imp at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 08:00:44 EST 2017

Hi i am running Riak TS 1.5.1 and i want to insert some data with python,
but i am getting "'Failed to put 1 record(s)'" error.

The table i created is

CREATE TABLE checks(url varchar not null, region varchar not null,
location varchar not null, datetime timestamp not null, status boolean
not null, error varchar, status_code sint64, redirects sint64,
size_header sint64, size_total sint64, time_namelookup sint64,
time_total sint64, speed sint64, PRIMARY KEY ((url, region, location,
quantum(datetime, 15, 'm')),
              url, region, location, datetime ))

and i am inserting

[['web', 'dummy', 'dummy', 1000+i, True, 'null', 200, 5, 50, 100, 5, 50,

as test where i is from 0 to 200

is this my error or Riak TS error or the python client error?
Martin Piták
Mous.imp at gmail.com
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