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Mon Feb 13 05:00:47 EST 2017

 I know that this isn't directly a Riak issue but I am sure that some of you have met this before and can maybe help me. I am used to Macs and Windows but have now set up an Ubuntu 14.04LTS server on my home network. I have 5 fixed IP addresses so the server has its own external address. I have opened port 8098 on my router to point at the server and checked that ufw isn't running. I have tested with it running ufw and with  'allow 8098' applied. I still cannot connect to Riak. On the same computer I get a pong back to a ping so Riak seems to be OK.
I have a Riak server running on AWS and had trouble setting that up until I, eventually, opened all ports.
Can anyone please suggest some steps that I might take? I need this running for an Open University course that I am studying. My AWS free server runs out before the course finishes so I have to get this up and running soon.Thanks  in advance.David

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